Estate Administration

The first few months after a loved one, family member or friend passes away can often be bewildering and confusing for those who are left behind. Besides the emotional aspect of the death, many practical issues arise at this time; chief among them is the administering of the decedent’s estate.  The executor of the estate must locate and value the decedent’s assets, handle any creditor claims and ensure the proper distribution of assets to the estate’s beneficiaries. The probate or estate administration process can be difficult, especially if more complex assets such as trusts, businesses or retirement benefits are also involved. The Law Office of Lewis J. Saret stands ready to coordinate and collaborate with the executor to accomplish the efficient and prompt administration of the decedent’s estate.

Our adept handling of probate administration begins with the initial filing of the will and petition to open the probate estate all the way to the closing of the estate. We work with the fiduciary during each step of the administration, while also providing explanations and advice regarding the fiduciary’s legal obligations. We collaborate with appraisers, accountants and other professionals to prepare income and estate tax returns and to maximize income and estate tax savings. Each step of the way, we are there to assist the fiduciary with the managing of estate assets, filing of inventories, preparation of accounts and negotiations with creditors.

If you have recently lost a loved one and are in need of estate administration services, please contact us via telephone (202-965-7748) or email ( to set up a consultation. We ask that new clients review and complete an estate administration checklist before our initial meeting. We recommend that the person who will be handling the administration of the decedent’s estate complete the checklist. We understand that not all the items on the list will be applicable to your specific estate and some might not be available at the time of our meeting. Please bring all the items and information that are readily available to you for the initial appointment.

Estate Administration Checklist