Probate Seminars

Probate 101: What Every Personal Representative Should Know

Many people know of the probate process. But it’s not altogether clear what must be done if you are in the driver’s seat. Join Mr. Saret and Ms. Lloyd as they discuss the essentials of the personal representative’s duties from start to finish when administering a probate estate in the District of Columbia. They will also provide helpful tips to get through some of the most common challenges personal representatives face. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Next Steps: what must be done immediately after appointment
  • Inventory: schedules, appraisals, and when to file
  • Creditor Claims: who to pay and when to pay
  • Taxes: what’s due for the decedent and for the estate
  • Distributions: protecting yourself, the estate and the beneficiaries
  • Accounts: keeping accurate records and preparing the estate account
  • Closing the Estate: how to close supervised and unsupervised estates

If you would like to attend a probate seminar, please contact Allaya Lloyd at, and we will be happy to discuss upcoming seminar dates.