Estate Planning

The Law Office of Lewis Saret prides itself on providing high quality estate planning for individuals and their families at a reasonable cost. Our planning centers on a three-step approach that keeps our clients involved and informed throughout the estate planning process. 

First, we work with our clients to help them articulate their estate planning goals and wishes. Death and disability are topics that are naturally difficult to discuss. However, our years of experience representing clients from a variety of different backgrounds have allowed us to construct a set of simple but detailed questionnaires and checklists that help clients express how they want their financial and health care affairs managed.  

Next, we analyze the financial and personal circumstances of our clients in order to craft a unique plan that fits their wishes and needs. Often, our clients have assets that require more complex planning, such as real estate properties, closely-held businesses and foreign assets. Additionally, family structures such as minor children, elderly parents or non-citizen spouses will need to be taken into consideration. We draw on our attorneys’ tax expertise, fiduciary experience and business knowledge to design creative and effective strategies that fit each client’s unique situation.

Finally, we develop a comprehensive estate plan that reduces the worries associated with death and disability, while also ensuring the protection and preservation of our clients’ wealth for their families and generations to come. Our wills and trusts offer sophisticated tax planning and asset protection, while our auxiliary documents help to ensure our clients financial and health care affairs are properly handled during periods of incapacity.

Circumstances can alter and new complications can arise. The Law Office of Lewis Saret stands ready to work with our clients over the years as their family and financial situations develop and change. 

Our goal is a simple one: to protect our clients’ peace of mind and prosperity now and in the future.

If you are interested in having the Law Office of Lewis Saret assist you with your estate planning needs, please contact us via telephone (202-965-7748) or email ( to set up a consultation. We ask that new clients review and try to complete our applicable estate planning questionnaires and checklists before the initial appointment. These forms serve as the starting point for our discussion on how to best accomplish your estate planning goals. The links to the forms are found below.

 Estate Planning Interview Checklist            

Advance Medical Questionnaires: 
DC Advance Medical Directive Questionnaire
VA Advance Medical Directive Questionnaire            
MD Advance Medical Directive Questionnaire