Planning Tools

Estate Planning
If you are interested in having the Law Office of Lewis Saret assist you with your estate planning needs, please contact us via telephone (202-965-7748) or email ( to set up a consultation. We ask that new clients review and try to complete our applicable estate planning questionnaires and checklists before the initial appointment. These forms serve as the starting point for our discussion on how to best accomplish your estate planning goals. The links to the forms are found below.

Estate Planning Interview Checklist

DC Advance Medical Directive Questionnaire
VA Advance Medical Directive Questionnaire
MD Advance Medical Directive Questionnaire

We also encourage our clients to complete a Life File. This form can be used to detail important estate planning and financial information that will be helpful for your family to know upon your death.  The organizing of this important information will not only facilitate what will be a difficult transition for your family, it will also serve to aid your estate executor and other financial and legal advisors as they manage your estate.

Life File

For clients whose estate plans include revocable trusts, please be sure to review our memorandum containing general instructions on how to re-title assets in the name of your revocable trust. If you have any questions about how to re-title certain assets or would like to have a more detailed discussion about funding your revocable trust, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Revocable Trust Funding Instructions

Estate Administration
If you have recently lost a loved one and are in need of estate administration services, please contact us via telephone (202-965-7748) or email ( to set up a consultation. We ask that new clients review and complete an estate administration checklist before our initial meeting. We recommend that the person who will be handling the administration of the decedent’s estate complete the checklist. We understand that not all the items on the list will be applicable to your specific estate and some might not be available at the time of our meeting. Please bring all the items and information that are readily available to you for the initial appointment.

Estate Administration Checklist